Monday, February 21, 2011


Serbian Anagram of the Decade is the masterpiece of the late Jan Bažik, whereas Sofija Necin won the Rude Anagram of the Decade award. In the Top 30 list of the previous decade, Zoran Radisavljević and me have the highest number of anagrams - 5, Miroljub Arsić has 4, Nenad Savić and Milan Milin 3 etc. Here are the translations of the Top 30 anagrams of the decade and Top 3 rude anagrams of the decade, listed in the previous post:

1. Jan Bažik: DEVILISH RUSSIAN IS A LEGEND OF POETRY! (Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin)
2. Zoran Radisavljević: REGION WITH LOTS OF BUTCHERS! (Balkan Peninsula)
3. Miroljub Arsić: THEY CRUSHED MY SCALE! (excessive kilograms)
4. Ivan Andonov: THEY SAIL IN CIRCLES OVER THERE! (Bermuda Triangle)
5. Slavko Bovan: THE ONE WHOM I ALWAYS LOOK LIKE! (great ape)
6. Dinko Knežević: HURRAY TO CHASTITY! (virginity)
7. Stojimir Talijan: BURDEN TO DUMPS! (waste)
8. Milan Milin: ENTIRELY DRAWN, IT'S EASY TO SOLVE! (illustrated crossword puzzle)
9. Zoran Radisavljević: EXPECTED VIRTUOSITY OF US - PUZZLEMASTERS! (International Serbian Championship for Anagrammatists)
10. Zoran RadisavljevićYOU CARRIED A CROSS, HAVE PUT YOURSELF TO RELIGIOUS PURPOSES! (Hristos voskrese - vaistinu voskrese, Serbian way of saying Happy Easter; literally "Christ has resurrected - He has resurrected indeed")
11. Dinko Knežević: A MIGHTY CHOIR OF THREE AGED OPERA SOLO SINGERS! (Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti)
12. Zoran Radisavljević: THEN THE WRINKLES WILL COME! (the third age)
13. Ivan Andonov: IT WAS MADE IN THE BALTIC! (Republic of Lithuania)
14. Miroljub Arsić: DIRECTLY IN THE TOP OF SERBIA'S HEAD! (the assassination of the Prime Minister)
15. Nenad SavićPUZZLE-AWARD (Anagram of the year)
16. Sofija Necin: TOADILY TO AN OMELETTE! (prayer breakfast)
17. Miroljub Arsić: EPIC PERSECUTION OF THE TURKISH EMPIRE WAS A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT BY THE LEADER! (marking of the 200th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising)
18. Miroljub Arsić: WHAT NOVI PAZAR ISN'T? (a developed municipality)
19. Anica Milošev: MONTENEGRO IS BEING DIFFERENTIATED INTO A NEW DISTRICT! (Montenegrin independence referendum); ser. Montenegro = Crna Gora.
20. Milan Milin: THE WORLD IS ALSO ACROSS THE BORDER! (European integrations)
21. Nenad Savić: YOU'RE NOT MY BUDDY WHEN YOU'RE BLACK! (racial discrimination)
22. Nenad Savić: A SYSTEM OF LUNATICS LOYAL TO ALLAH! (Islamic government in Tehran)
23. Ivan Andonov: THE MOST DANGEROUS "FISCALS"! (Financial Police)
24. Milan Milin: FEAR, AMERICANS! (terrorism)
25. Anica Milošev: THEY WET A PUPIL NOW (tears of joy)
26. Zoran Radisavljević: IT PRESSES ISRAEL NOTICEABLY! (Palestinian terrorism)
27. Ivan Andonov: I SPREAD THE LAUGHTER! (Homer Simpson)
28. Ivan Andonov: DOCS TAKE CARE OF CAVITY! (dental offices)
29. Ljubica Bilalović: SHOULD GIVE THEM ALL FLOUR FIRST! (The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty)
30. Milosav Marjanović: GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GENII OF CALCULUS ON THOSE RANGES AND LONG WORK! (forty years of the Mathematics High School in Belgrade)

The Top 3 rude anagrams of the decade:

1. Sofija Necin: THE LASS DOESN'T GET LAID, SO SHE SNIVELS! (sexual abstinence)
2. Nenad SavićFRICTION OF DICK AND BALLS! (morning erection)
3. Dragan Nikolić: EMBROIDERY TO THE PUSSY (garters)

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