Friday, February 4, 2011


Zoran Radisavljević won the Serbian Anagram of the Year trophy for the third time, whereas Nenad Savić won his third "Crven ban" trophy for the rude anagram of the year. My anagram finished at the 3rd place and I also won the "B" final. Here's the Top 20 list from the previous post translated in English:

1. Zoran Radisavljević, Novi SadYOU CARRIED A CROSS, HAVE PUT YOURSELF TO RELIGIOUS PURPOSES! (Hristos voskrese - vaistinu voskrese, Serbian way of saying Happy Easter; literally "Christ has resurrected - He has resurrected indeed")
2. Nenad Savić, BeogradPUZZLE-AWARD (Anagram of the year)
3. Ivan Andonov, Beograd: IT WAS MADE IN THE BALTIC! (Republic of Lithuania)
4. Branko Bjeličić, Zemun: OH, THEIR GOAL IS HOUSE REPAIR! (action of aid to Kraljevo)
5. Milenko Miščević, BeogradI HUG THEM, I LOVE FAIRY TALES! (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, German academics)
6. Nenad Savić, Beograd: A BEAUTIFUL LIFE IN THE OASIS OF JOY, AND LET THE MISERY OF HUNGRY PEOPLE VANISH! (List of wishes and plans for the year two thousand eleven)
7. Milan Milin, SrbobranHAY - STABLE (ethno-farm)
8. Branko Bjeličić, ZemunDAYS OF ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS, BUT ALSO CARING FOR THE FRAIL OZONE AND SOIL! (year of environmental sustainability and biodiversity)
9. Ivan Rajić, Bošnjane: HE'S AN ORDINARY PROFESSOR AND HE STRUMS A PIANO! (Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin, Russian composer, chemistry professor and doctor)
10. Zoran Radisavljević, Novi Sad: THEY GIVE AN "F", TOO! (education)
11. Ivan Andonov, Beograd: DOCS TAKE CARE OF CAVITY! (dental offices)
12. Krešimir Majetić, Donji Desinec (Croatia): THOSE ARE ADORNED BY INTELLECT! (expert team)
13. Sofija Necin, Novi Sad: MAY THE RELICS BE ETERNAL! (martyr)
14. Zoran Radisavljević, Novi Sad: THE OLD GRANNY IS THERE WHEN AN ENGLISHMAN EXCELS! (British Queen Elizabeth the Second)
15. Dinko Knežević, Beograd: WORSE THAN THE DOG! (owners)
16. Milenko Miščević, Beograd: HE DESCRIBED A GYNECOLOGIST IN PRACTICE! (Georgios Nikos Papanikolaou, a doctor by whom the cervical cancer test is named)
17. Ljubica Bilalović, Sarajevo (BIH): I TOUCHED MOTHER WITH CHORDS! (button accordion)
18. Ljubica Bilalović, Sarajevo (BIH): A WOBBLY UGLY THING! (Bactrian camel)
19. Branko Bjeličić, Zemun: THEY'RE GONNA HAND HIM OVER THEN, BUT WHEN PIGS FLY! (search for general Mladić) 

20. Branko Bjeličić, Zemun: A MIGHTY GROWTH SOAKED HOMES, TOO! (high water levels of rivers)

Rude anagram of the year: 

Nenad Savić, BeogradFRICTION OF DICK AND BALLS! (morning erection)

Within a couple of weeks we will know which anagram is to become the Anagram of the decade. When it all ends, I'll translate that list, too (the one at the bottom of the previous post).

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