Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The best anagrams in Serbia in 2010 by categories were by Milenko Miščević, Nenad Savić, Zoran Radisavljević, Branko Bjeličić and the late Milan Milin. The anagrams are written in the previous post and here are their translations:

miniatures - Milan Milin, Srbobran: HAY - STABLE (ethno-farm)
people's names - Milenko Miščević, Beograd: I HUG THEM, I LOVE FAIRY TALES! (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, German academics)
general - Nenad Savić, Beograd: PUZZLE-AWARD (Anagram of the year)
topicalZoran Radisavljević, Novi Sad: YOU CARRIED A CROSS, HAVE PUT YOURSELF TO RELIGIOUS PURPOSES! (Hristos voskrese - vaistinu voskrese, Serbian way of saying Happy Easter)
challengeBranko Bjeličić, Zemun: DAYS OF ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS, BUT ALSO CARING FOR THE FRAIL OZONE AND SOIL! (year of environmental sustainability and biodiversity)

Within the next 7-8 days Serbian anagrammatists will decide which anagram was the best of them all in 2010. The voting will also include the best rude anagram and the B-final, which has the purpose of completing the annual top-20 list. And after that, a cherry on top - voting for the Anagram of the decade in Serbia.

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